Duane Reed | Founder & Managing Partner



Duane Reed has been a nationally recognized business consultant, trainer, author and coach since 1986. Currently, Duane provides consulting for mid-sized companies and owns CEO Focus Denver, a peer group for business owners that is dedicated to growing and maximizing business and owner potential.  In 1998, Duane founded Inside Success Training and Consulting, Inc. where he facilitated proprietary organizational assessments, leadership, and management training for NASA and U.S. Army Recruiters, as well as hundreds of companies that range in size from the massive Fortune 10s to the agile makeup of a small business that only has 10 employees. Duane has consulted or trained thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals, managers, executives and business owners in nearly 120 different industries. 

Areas of Expertise:

Business consulting, strategic planning, succession planning, leadership development, team building, trust building, communication, interaction and interpersonal skill enhancement, sales, marketing, customer service improvement, coaching training, public speaking and facilitation, organizational effectiveness training and creating a business culture conducive to optimal productivity as well as personal development coaching and behavioral change accountability.


Professional History:

  • CEO, CEO Focus Denver, Small to Mid-sized Company Success Consultant: Present
  • CEO, MicroLeadership™, Leadership Development Firm: Present
  • Founder/CEO, Inside Success Training and Consulting, Inc., Present
  • Co-founder, Respond America, Inc., Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Facilitator and Consultant
  • Radio Show Host, You’re The B.O.S.S., The Business Owner Support Show
  • Author/Co-Author of two national bestselling books
  • Author of more than 200 soft-skills training courses
  • Nationally recognized trainer of 100,000’s student
  • Author/Facilitator of 100’s of training modules

Vincennes University

Indiana University

Patti Theil | Managing Partner

Patti Theil owns her own company, Theil Equity Development, a consulting firm. Her energetic force was recently added to the management team of Global Relief Impact Fund.

Since graduating from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University,  Patti has been deeply involved in the securities industry. Her initial success came at First Investors Corporation where Patti was one of the first woman managers. She oversaw 5 offices in two states as a Vice President before stepping back to build a family and move to Colorado. While raising children, Patti spent a decade with Cetera Financial Services, previously known as PrimeVest Financial. Her most recent interest has been in the private equity market. In 2013 she teamed with Thom Garlock, author and educator in the Self-Directed Retirement planning industry. Thom's rich history of cellular and real estate successes drew her farther from Wall Street and more into tangible assets. Thom is credited with introducing her to the Global Food Exchange and her move into Food as an asset class.

Patti considers her greatest accomplishment marrying young and making it work for three decades. She and her physician husband, Dave, have two children and will soon become empty nesters.

Patti has donated countless volunteer hours. She's raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, choosing organizations that impacted her community and her children's education. She has been President of the Evergreen High School Education Foundation; President of the Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen Parent Teacher Organization; and President of the Denver Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Fraternity.

Patti currently sits on the Indiana University Colorado Chapter Alumni Board. She is a Parent Advisor to the Indiana University, Bloomington campus, Dean of Students and most recently joined the Board of the World Food Crusade, headed by Thom Garlock.